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27 of October of 2021

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26 of October of 2021

A. Sampaio at A+A Dusseldorf 2021

A. SAMPAIO & FILHOS is one of the companies that form the ‘From Portugal’ delegation and will present the best of the country’s production in terms of safety and health at work – at the biennial A+A safety fair scheduled from 26 to 29 October in Dusseldorf.  A strong participation, with the presence of companies distributed among three different ‘exhibition islands’, for a total of almost 300 square metres space occupied. The participation of Portuguese SMEs in A+A within the ‘From Portugal’...

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22 of September of 2021

Product with vegetable fibers

It´s time to discover a new flavour for our future - sustainability has never tasted better! A. Sampaio’s mindset for sustainability brings new fruits to the table. Both being sub-products of the food industry, banana and pineapple fibres offer a wide variety of advantages. Without affecting or changing the cultivation process, we can repurpose the shrub´s leaves that would otherwise be viewed as superfluous. As a consequence, there is no crop waste on the harvest process of these vegetable fibres. Banana...

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