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22 of September of 2021

Product with vegetable fibers

It´s time to discover a new flavour for our future - sustainability has never tasted better! A. Sampaio’s mindset for sustainability brings new fruits to the table. Both being sub-products of the food industry, banana and pineapple fibres offer a wide variety of advantages. Without affecting or changing the cultivation process, we can repurpose the shrub´s leaves that would otherwise be viewed as superfluous. As a consequence, there is no crop waste on the harvest process of these vegetable fibres. Banana...

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26 of January of 2020

A. Sampaio brilhou na ISPO Textrends

The Portuguese A. Sampaio was one of the luminous examples of the technological vanguard with which the Portuguese industry shone over the last four days at ISPO Munich. With four meshes in the Top 10 of the Textrends forum - selected by a jury of international experts - the Santo Tirso based company was one of the names highlighted in the fair´s trends forum.Portugal was, in fact, one of the most mentioned countries in the Textrends forum of this edition of ISPO. A. Sampaio has four meshes in the Top 10 and five...

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