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Our Concepts and Inspirations...

Spring/Summer 2013

"A collection of details"

This is a collection of details, ornamentation and inspiration where tradition, technology and nature walk hand in hand in a path of creativity, leading to a product adequate for the demanding market of the 21st century.


To incorporate tradition, to value creativity and to enrich it with the latest materials and processes are the enduring attitudes in the development of all our products.

We have pushed forward bold new material blends, innovating finishes and overlapping structures. We have integrated new information with our timeless knowledge.


The ornamentation of this new season is driven by a carefully studied subtlety, inspired by technological plainness and love for classical beauty.

We notice the return of striped patterns, retro style jacquards, crepes, ribs and light nicky fantasies. Motifs are inspired by traditional iconography, Saville road ambience and California in the 70’s, all of them updated in what regards colour use.


The colour palette is rich in luminous shades, particularly on lime green and fuchsia tones. Colour balance is seasoned by dark traditional tones, such as navy and steal. Thick pastel colours find their way into the palette, as well as iridescent silver smoke.