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Two New Achievements

16 of December of 2021

The continuous improvement of our performance is always present in our company. We are constantly setting new goals and targets.

Following our way of being, we have achieved two more goals:


RWS – Responsible Wool Standard

Every day, we understand that customers are increasingly aware of the origin and production conditions of the items they buy, and that is why it made perfect sense to extend our range of certifications to products with wool. RWS offers verification of the entire value chain and of textile, intermediate and final products with wool fibres from certified farm animals that tend their well-being.

In short, this certification guarantees our transparency and sustainability in the production and sale of raw and dyed knits containing RWS certified wool.

We have obtained this new certification by the hands of the certification body, CTV – Certificação de Têxteis e de Vestuário.



HIGG Index

The HIGG Index is composed of a basic set of five tools that, together, assess the social and environmental performance of the value chain and the environmental impacts of products.

In recent years, our company had already been assuming an annual self-assessment with FEM – Facility Environmental Module and FSLM – Facilty Social and Labour Module.

This year we took a step forward and asked Elevate Limited (a SAC-approved verification body) to verify our performance for both modules. The results were very positive, with no significant difference between the self-assessment score and the external verification score.