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A. Sampaio brilhou na ISPO Textrends

26 of January of 2020

The Portuguese A. Sampaio was one of the luminous examples of the technological vanguard with which the Portuguese industry shone over the last four days at ISPO Munich. With four meshes in the Top 10 of the Textrends forum - selected by a jury of international experts - the Santo Tirso based company was one of the names highlighted in the fair´s trends forum.

Portugal was, in fact, one of the most mentioned countries in the Textrends forum of this edition of ISPO. A. Sampaio has four meshes in the Top 10 and five in the selected category.

«It always helps, first because it is good to have the opinion of a specialized jury, then because we know that customers take note», stresses Miguel Mendes, company administrator. ISPO recognition is no longer new to the A. Sampaio team. Since 2014, the Santo Tirso based company has been present at Textrends. In 2017 it had two Best Products and two Top 10, and in the last edition two more Top 10.

This year, there are four A. Sampaio stitches in the Textrends Top 10. Three in the Accelarated Eco category and one in Membranes & Coating. «All oriented towards an active and sustainable lifestyle, but each one with its own characteristics», explains Mendes.

At the base of the jury´s assessment was the combination of sustainable raw materials with innovative methods, aimed at the manufacture of high performance clothing. Tencel Refibra, PLA, recycled polyester and hemp are just some of the materials that A. Sampaio used in the manufacture of the four selected fabrics.

«In the past, we had a specific line of sustainable fabrics, but today that no longer makes sense, especially at a fair like this. At an ISPO, we are working for audiences that not only highly value physical exercise, but also contact with nature», underlines Miguel Mendes.

The participation of Portuguese companies in ISPO Munich is another initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP - Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association within the scope of the From Portugal project, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the Fashion area. The project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the Compete 2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, through the European Regional Development Fund.